A TRU that delivers today

All your customers are demanding sustainability. You can deliver a TRU that lets your clients show their cold chain creates no air pollution and 80% less CO2 than diesel systems. A TRU that’s so quiet it can be used at night and in restricted areas – a perfect partner for tractors running on clean fuels

Yet there’s more to this than sustainability. You can offer clean TRUs that are powerful and operationally flexible:

  • multi-temp, frozen and chilled
  • fast to cool down to set temperatures
  • fast and easy to refuel
  • easier to maintain, with longer life than diesel systems

And they’re easy to integrate into trucks and trailers. Clean Cold Power TRUs:

  • fit standard apertures and mounting points on semi-trailers
  • use fuel tanks that fit easily beneath trailer or truck, in sizes suited to vehicles and duty cycles
  • uplift in much the same way and time as conventional systems
  • have much more user-friendly controls than conventional systems
  • come with full OEM support and advanced diagnostics

Simple integration

Clean Cold Power TRUs are designed to directly replace existing equipment. So whether you choose to install on a new trailer or retrofit an old one, it will perform the same duty cycles with superior performance, without damaging the environment.

We work with vehicle suppliers and refrigerated body-builders to integrate Clean Cold Power TRUs in any truck or trailer. It’s simply installed on the vehicle using industry standard mountings.

We offer multiple compartment configuration options – to suit your requirements — single or multiple temperature, longitudinal or transverse bulkheads. And our system is certified to ATP standards (performance required for refrigerated deliveries across borders in mainland Europe).

Sound economics:

This is a desirable next-generation TRU – with residual value to match, when your customers finally decide to refresh their assets in the future.

Our TRUs go far beyond even the most stringent emissions zone requirements. Customers will be able to avoid Clean Air Zone charges and drive into any city centre, however tough governmental legislation around air pollution becomes.

The simple design and low wear of Clean Cold Power TRUs will translate into longer lifespan and potential for second life installations.

Clean Cold Power TRUs’ liquid nitrogen infrastructure is much simpler and easier to deploy than CNG, LNG, diesel or battery charging. There’s no underground piping or grid connection. No bulk fuel storage vessels – so no explosion or combustion risks or associated health & safety issues. All of which means storage tanks can be removed and deployed to other sites easily.

With all types of gas infrastructure and low emissions requirements becoming the norm by the time you’re likely to be refreshing your assets, second life customers will already have expectations for handling alternative fuels.

A TRU that will continue to deliver

Clean Cold Power TRUs are also a long-term and well supported investment.

For starters, our TRUs run cold. Meaning less maintenance throughout their lifetime use, which can all be handled by any service partner’s trained personnel and with OEM support.

All major industrial gas companies also have vast experience installing infrastructure and delivering cryogenic gases to food producers and logistics companies. Clean Cold Power handles all the arrangements, automatic top-ups and billing so there’s no chance your customers will run out.

The cost-effective refrigerant (F-gas) used in Clean Cold Power TRUs is low GWP and half the charge mass of our competitors, meaning low refrigerant leakage and even lower environmental impact.

Join the refrigeration revolution

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