About Clean Cold Power

Clean Cold Power is a privately-held, venture-backed clean technology engineering company focused on commercialization of Zero Emission Transport Refrigeration Units (ZE-TRU).

Founded in the UK, Clean Cold Power was formed by transportation and logistics industry experts who believe in a clean cold chain.  With five patents worldwide, we have developed revolutionary cryogenic ZE-TRUs utilizing Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) or Liquid Air to efficiently power two phases of cooling.

Clean Cold Power TRUs are powered by the Dearman Engine™, which efficiently expands nitrogen (or air) to generate power. Our clever TRU design uses a dual cooling system: first it cools by using the inherent coldness of cryogenic liquid nitrogen (LN2), then a conventional refrigeration cycle is powered by the Dearman Engine™. Two lots of cold from one lot of LN2.

Clean Cold Power’s TRU’s are cleaner; they do not rely on diesel, other fossil fuels or hard to dispose of batteries made from rare elements that require lengthy charging time and stations.

Regulation ready – built to access Low Emission Zones (Clean Air Zones), producing no Particulate Matter, NOx or any other harmful emissions.

Climate conscious – mobile refrigeration emitting no CO2 at the point of use, 80% less overall, or even lower if powered by nitrogen liquefied using renewable energy.

Improved quality – powerful cooling with more precise temperature control ·

Productive operation – with faster cool-down to set temperatures and quick refueling.

Flexible utilizations – 90% less noise than conventional diesel TRUs, when on full power for frozen and chilled loads, means greater access to restricted areas, longer running hours, and less peak-time traffic congestion.

Return on investment – total cost of ownership comparable to conventional systems – less if you factor in forthcoming pollution charges.

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